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Adewale Adelakun Ph.D

Adewale J. ADELAKUN obtained his PhD in Religious Studies in 2014 from Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria where he currently teaches New Testament, African Theology and Religion and Human Values. His research focus is on sexuality and spirituality in the New Testament and its implications for Nigerian Pentecostal and Charismatic theology. Ife Institute of Advanced Studies opened my eyes to the potentials of interdisciplinary research. I am grateful to have attended the summer school.


Nkatha Kabira Ph.D

Ife Summer Institute 2017 totally changed my life. After the Summer Institute I was recommended by the Convener, Professor Olupona to the Institute of Advanced Studies in Israel, and since then, I have had so much exposure and have traveled to different countries. I am forever committed to the Institute's vision and will do my best to improve research in Africa by making use of all that I learnt in the summer School.

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Osayomi Tolulope Ph.D

My experience at the Summer Institute was memorable; one I will not forget in a hurry. It was a gathering of scholars, both fellows and faculty members, from different disciplinary backgrounds, institutions, cultures and countries, which in no time grew to be a one big lovely family!  The course content was very rich. Course facilitators were highly competent. I was exposed to contemporary issues in teaching, learning and research which I am gradually incorporating in my sphere of teaching, research and community service.
Besides the classroom lectures, I was amazed at how the convener and faculty members were more than willing to listen and  share their advice and experience with us during lunch breaks and outside the classroom. The most useful piece of advice which consistently rang out in all their presentations and informal discussions (and which I always hold dear) was “Cross the disciplinary boundaries, and embrace interdisciplinary research”. Above all, the whole summer school experience has made me to rethink my career trajectory, and redefine myself to be the 21st century scholar-practitioner

Ekundayo Opeyemi.jpg

Ekundayo Opeyemi Ph.D

Ife Summer Institute 2017 was an educative and impactful workshop for me. It exposed me to renowned scholars from diverse discipline for networking and mentorship. It also enlightened me on multidisciplinary collaboration in academic writing and publishing.

Olufemi Oke.jpg

Olufemi Oke Ph.D

The institute has made me wiser in decision making especially on sending my hard worked articles to journals. I have also maintained positive relationship with some of the facilitators who have been of tremendous assistance in suggestions and advice. These facilitators are Prof. Obadare, Prof. Lombe, Prof. Grillo and Prof. Ilesanmi. My thought process has also developed much more than before I came to the Ife Summer Institute and I am grateful for that.

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Kehinde Elujulo Ph.D

The institute has help me in no small measures.  It has provided me the opportunities to extend the frontiers of my academic careers as a scholar to a great bound. I feel elated to state that it was just after the summer that I became exposed to publishing and scholarship.

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Olubunmi Bernard Ph.D

I am grateful to the Convener (Prof Olupona), the organisers (Profs Ogungbile and Adesina) and the facilitators of the first Ife Institute of Advanced Studies for the opportunity to learn and be mentored by them. I testify that my academic life has received huge boost from my participation in the program. I look forward to being a part of next year's summer Institute. Thanks to my co-fellows for the opportunity to meet them and represent them. I look forward to working with you all soonest.

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Olusegun Titus Ph.D

During the 2017 summer Institute, I developed an interdisciplinary abstract that has won me multiple postdoctoral awards in South Africa, China and even in Europe. Places where I was rejected in the past, I started getting congratulatory messages. The quality of the training at the Summer Institute is a high one.


Oladimeji R, Ogunoye

My experience at the first Summer Institute was life-changing. Apart from the fact that I was able to learn from top scholars from Nigeria and beyond, I also benefitted from the experiences of other fellows. The sessions were intensive and interactive and we had practice work sessions which are almost impossible to recover from. I found answers to issues I had in my career and I met top scholars like Prof. Olupona, Prof. Lombe, Prof. Obadare, Prof. Vaughan and Dr. Binaisa with whom I have been in useful contact. Now, I believe that I am on the way to becoming a top scholar with international influence

Oladapo Ajayi.jpg

Oladapo Ajayi

Ife Institute of Advanced Studies has given me a reason to dream. The Institute's aim of improving African scholarship is in line with my passion of seeing Nigeria and Africa become better. The quality of the Scholars here is high. My time here has sbeen impactful.

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Oluwatoyin Ikuteyijo

The Institute of Advance Studies Ife has been of tremendous help as the institute exposed me to the bigger picture of research as well as network with more experienced researchers and professionals in various fields who are ready to mentor younger colleagues. It is a great privilege to be a fellow in the institute.

Samantha Lakin.jpg

Samantha Lakin

The IIAS Summer Institute helped me develop my professional skills and reignite my motivation to become a top academic in my field. Collaborating with the other Fellows and learning from the attentive and generous Lecturers was a highlight of the IIAS. I think every emerging academic should have the opportunity to be trained and mentored as we were at the IIAS in Ile-Ife.

Ademole Adesola.jpg

Ademola O. Adesola

Without mincing words, I should like to note that I came off the programme with memorable experiences. The Summer Programme happened at a time I was disinterested in my doctoral research at OAU, having started it about a year ago. It was at the time I was equally expecting a positive response from the Canadian Embassy to my application for a study permit given my admission to the University of Manitoba for a doctoral programme with some reasonable funding.
The Ife Summer Institute Programme effectively reactivated my passion for serious doctoral research. It revealed my inadequacies with respect to postgraduate studies and availed me of invaluable, requisite information on how to settle down for such high calling that is doctoral research. I came in contact with bright and excellence-driven scholars whose commitment to sound scholarship inspired me. Not once before the programme had I met at one single gathering for days such array of matchless scholars in diverse fields farming out ideas to young scholars. The lives of those facilitators and the tested and lived nuggets they shared enabled me to rededicate myself to the life of the mind anew.

Iroju Opeyemi.jpg

Opeyemi Iroju

The Summer School indeed enabled me to understand the global best practices of scholarship. Most especially, the monstrous approach to research originality which had been a challenged for me as a young scholar became a thing of the past as the various speakers addressed on how to create your own narratives on an existing debate. The relevance for collaborative and interdisciplinary research taught by various scholars gave me a rethink and a new orientation to my research approach. Furthermore, the topic on Entrepreneurship in Africa was so incisive and a memorable experience. Above all, the various international scholars were source of inspiration for my research productivity.

Faborode Omowunmi.jpg

Omowunmi Faborode

Ife Institute of Advanced Studies was a memorable experience for me. I am grateful to have been selected to attend.

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Ajibike Anuodo Ph.D

Attending and Participating in Ife Summer Institute was a unique experience. Until that time, I had never experienced such an academic exercise; it was more than a conference, a seminar or workshop. It was real school in a short while. I learnt lessons on interdisciplinary approach as a key to individual, institutional, educational and national development.

 I am grateful for the great opportunity to have conversations with renowned scholars in the academia, in an exclusive style, on pertinent issues in academic development. I look forward to the next one.